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Don Burton Managing & Founding Partner
Don Burton has had an interesting career at the cutting edge of education innovation and technology -- primarily launching, scaling, and exiting companies. As a strategic advisor, Don worked with McKinsey & Co. consulting on strategies to launch interactive media business units and how to create open innovation internally; and with Goldman Sachs advising on exits and acquisitions. As an intrapreneur, he has built education startups within large companies such as Walt Disney Company and Kaplan. As an entrepreneur, he has built multiple edtech startups on his own as a founder with a major exit to Kaplan/Washington Post.
He most recently has been a successful edtech investor with a portfolio of more than 30 startups via the seed stage investment platform called Learning Edge, which builds upon his work with Techstars and as an angel investor. Don has run Startup Accelerator programs and has graduated three cohorts which have raised more than $100M in financing and have an estimated market cap of $400M. Don graduated from Harvard Business School and Duke University.
Michael Paul Staton Founding Partner
Michael Staton is a Partner at Learn Capital, where he has helped lead investments into Coursera, Minerva, and Brilliant. He is the founder and former CEO of Uversity, the pioneer of social enrollment management technology for higher education. For Uversity, Michael secured the first venture investment from the Gates Foundation's U.S. programs into a private company.
Because of his years as a public school teacher and his intuitive understanding of K-12 education, Michael served as a Venture Partner and Community Advisor to NewSchools Venture Fund's Seed Fund, now Reach Capital. Outside of investing, he has held early roles, befriended, and advised many edtech companies, including Dev Bootcamp and Goalbook. Michael was declared a top one hundred innovator by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and he is on the advisory board of SxSWedu and the Higher Education Working Group of the American Enterprise Institute.
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